About Me


I am a visual artist and designer specializing in book illustration and design. I love books in all forms. I studied at Academy of Art University getting a BFA in Graphic Illustration. I majored in illustration and minored in graphic design. I love to create in all aspects and mediums, but prefer digital, watercolor and inks.

From a very young age I wanted to be an artist. My grandmother and mother were professional artists, and I come from a very creative background. Growing up, I was always drawing and painting. My mom would have art projects that my siblings and I did every summer. I loved it! We would sew, paint murals on my bedroom walls or learn how to draw in charcoal. In addition, any chance I got, I illustrated the world around me using visual arts and writing. I was always coming up with ideas of new worlds that I could draw and write about.

As I got older I still drew, but had so many interests that I didn’t know how to narrow it down. I loved to draw, write and create. I realized that I could work in the publishing field and do all of it. I could illustrate, design and write books. It was a perfect fit. So I decided to go to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

When I was at the Academy I got to explore a whole new world of being a professional artist. I was able to take classes in illustration, graphic design and book arts. I learned skills in programs like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. I was taught the skills to make my dreams come to life. In the process, I was able to write stories, illustrate scenes, and design whole books.

Now with my degree finished, I am working on my illustration, designing, and writing full time. I use skills such as being adaptable, creative, a problem solver, self-motivated, and determined as I work. I am excited to have the challenge of creating illustrations and books for children and young adults to enjoy.

When I am not doing my art and design work, you will find me swimming, hiking, cooking, sewing, or simply exploring and enjoying the world around me.